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    Enhancing the database
    The main thing I'm working right now is the new database. I've extracted object information from Simbad and cross checking the data with some catalogs from Vizier like XHIP. There should be over 2 million objects, an upgrade from the 248k stars currently available.

    • stars, black holes, neutron stars and novae (+supernovae) will be imported as stellar objects.
    • some clusters and nebulae will be imported, and the information to like them to stellar objects and viceversa (not entirely sure how this information will be represented in the apps, but it will be nice to know if a certain star is part of a nebula for example).
    • orbit information for double and multiple systems
    • exoplanet information from (I had a daily process in my old database - not the current one - that extracted and updated the planet information on a daily basis. For example, a planet is discovered and posted on - when the scheduler kicks in, it will search for its parent star and insert the new planet).

    Star Map updates

    • adapting the app to the new database
    • a way to show the user more interesting facts about stellar objects like highlights, size comparisons, 3D views of the entire system
    • adding 3D views of the planets (generated randomly based on the planet type - Hot Jupiter, Terrestrial, etc)
    • a zoom-out feature showing clusters of stars, nebulae, important stars and directions (towards galactic center)

    Galaxy Map updates

    • a 2D or 3D map of the Orion Arm's major structures