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  • Galaxy Map - upcoming features
    • a 2D nebula map showing all the existing components' locations (Helix Nebula, Ring Nebula, etc) something like this.

    • an extra pack of 3D models for nebulae, supernovae, clusters

    • recreate the galaxy using density wave theory
      This seems a bit far fetched, because density wave best works for 'classic' not custom galaxies such as the Milky Way. I say custom because the Orion Arm looks like a rogue arm between two spiral arms (and not connected to the core).

    • more nearby Galaxies and structures (Large Magellanic Cloud, etc)

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  • Galaxy Map - General Info

    This is the forum for the Galaxy Map mobile application. Currently on Android and iOS.

    It contains a 3D model of our Galaxy, the Milky Way with neighboring dwarf galaxies (such as Sagittarius and the Canis Major Overdensity) and stellar streams. Touching a structure of the galaxy will take you to the wiki page and show you some of its components (nebulae, star clusters, supernovae). Photos are taken by NASA spacecraft and ground based telescopes like Hubble Space Telescope, Chandra X-Ray, Herschel Space Observatory and the Spitzer Space Telescope.
    Many of the components also have a 3D model generated from one of its 2D pictures.

    Model of the Milky Way Galaxy

    Helix Nebula in infrared

    Ring Nebula

    Orion Arm components

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